Read in the automobile industry the important role of crepe paper

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05
Crepe paper, 0. 15 mm import aedes paper substrate, one-side coated weatherability rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive. Along with the high temperature ( Temperature can reach 110 ° C) , solvents, then stripping free of residual glue good performance! Products comply with ROHS environmental protection requirements. Good stickiness, using stripping, CTI is certified. The personage inside course of study called crepe paper pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes. High temperature coating used in automobile, furniture surface paint covered, steel or plastic device is also applicable to electronic, electrical appliances, varistor, circuit boards and other industries.

polishing during the process of car beauty is one of them. Polishing paint ageing film can be stripped away to make new film recovery bright beautiful. The effect of grinding: l. Clean up dirt on the surface of the paint, eliminate serious oxidation and micro shallow scratches. 2. Reduce the paint loss of light, such as acid rain appearance defects. 3. Provided with good base polishing request.

every car before grinding with high temperature resistance of crepe paper for painting and design of grinding to cover the gap size.

first, is to prevent in the process of grinding of abrasive powder adhesive in space, affect beautiful;

second, it is high temperature resistant than ordinary crepe paper. Crepe paper has better resistance to high temperature, not because the grinding temperature change makes melt adhesive glue on the paint and paint damage

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