Reasons for adhesive tape die-cutting residues, Dongguan sealing tape wholesale

by:Yourijiu     2022-04-14
Dongguan Sealing Tape Wholesale shares with you: Residual glue/overflow is a problem we often encounter in die-cutting products. Follow us today to find out the reasons for adhesive tape die-cutting residual glue! We can always see that the edges of the cuts are not smooth and there are irregular gelatinous objects after die cutting. So how did this happen? 1. The depth of die cutting does not completely cut through the rubber surface, so that the waste is completely removed by tearing. 2. The die-cut is too deep, and the blade cuts the glue into the table paper when cutting, which cannot be found without transcribing. Dongguan sealing tape wholesale 3. The angle of the blade is too large (the blade is worn) or too small, because the tape has elasticity, so the larger the cutting width, the more the blade is squeezed by the tape, and the adhesive will stick after die-cutting for a long time. At the blade, the blade glue interacts with the material glue during die-cutting again. If the angle is too small, it is easy to rebond under the premise of easy expansion and contraction and changing the straight state after die-cutting.
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