Remove the offset coup

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

gasoline and oil pollution substances such as alcohol will dissolve!

so, alcohol and gasoline are can remove the offset printing.

operation method of alcohol to divide

the first thing you need to dip in with soft cloth class items take enough alcohol, then dip in with soft cloth wipe gently with offset printing of alcohol, the stickers will slowly become soft, until the last out of glued objects surface, alcohol volatile, at the same time, also won't hurt by the surface of the paste.

operation method of gasoline to divide

take a small amount of gasoline dip in with soft cloth gently wipe there is offset printing, we all know that petrol for some plastic or dissolve paint can swim, so to be very careful when using, can first look at the effect of the first in an important place to wipe, if you can use; But it is important to note that when you use the gas must be small, and the time must be short.

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