School is about to start, Moscow stationery market ushered in a sales boom

by:Yourijiu     2021-09-02
According to the Russian 'Izvestia' report, the major trade centers in Moscow are fully prepared to meet the climax of sales of student supplies that occurs in late August every year. MicrosoftInternetExplorer402DocumentNotSpecified7.8 lbsNormal0 According to the Russian 'Izvestia' report, Moscow's major trade centers are fully prepared to meet the climax of the sales of student supplies that occurs in late August every year. The ordinary squares produced by the Kaluga Paper Mill in Russia are sold at 74 kopecks, and the long squares are sold at 99 kopecks. Color exercise books are twice as expensive as regular exercise books. The 24 pages of the exercise book in the Leo Trade Center sells for 7 rubles, and Ashan sells for 6 rubles. The price of a picture book is between 4 rubles and 36 rubles; the price of colored paper is between 12 rubles and 130 rubles; the price of pencils ranges between 11.59 rubles and 50 rubles; the cheapest small scissors sell for 21 rubles, the most expensive Will also sell for 280 rubles. The price of watercolor paints in supermarkets is 7-14 rubles, and good-quality, full-color watercolor paints can be sold for 401 rubles. The price of ordinary watercolor pens is between 6.35-22 rubles, and high-end watercolor pens can be sold for 6042 rubles. The stationery box in the Leo Commercial Center is the cheapest at 45 rubles per piece, while the price of the stationery box in the New Arbat Street Bookstore is 70 to 1,200 rubles. Nowadays, notebooks with national image patterns are very popular, and many adults also like this kind of notebooks. In the notebooks, I am proud of living in Russia, art should belong to the people, and the proletarians all over the world unite. Some notebooks contain the names of heroes of the Soviet Union. The price of these notebooks ranges from 9 rubles to 200 rubles. The owner of a stationery store has to consider not only the price, but also whether the variety is right. Tatiana Planina, a shopping guide, has been working in the stationery department of the New Arbat Street Bookstore for 7 years. She knows the interests and shopping characteristics of students and parents very well. For example, the lowest price of school bags in this store is 400 rubles and the highest price is 5000 rubles. But customers are not mainly looking at the price, but the quality. Ms. Planina told reporters that many parents do not know what to buy for their children. We will introduce the parents and recommend the products they need. For example, German Herlitz schoolbags are specially designed for students to correct their body shape. This kind of schoolbag is very good for students. She also said that teachers would not allow students to buy exercise books with dazzling colors because they are harmful to students' eyesight. We recommend the green exercise book produced by the'Sunrise' factory to the parents, each for 2 rubles. In addition, various stores are also actively improving their services to provide customers with a relaxed shopping environment. The New Arbat Street Bookstore is designed like a children’s entertainment city. Parents shop in the bookstore, and children can paint and listen to music in the bookstore. There is also a shopping mall called Your Home, although the business is not very good, but the price is relatively cheap, and it is open 24 hours a day, which brings great convenience to students and parents. Many shops in Moscow also have stationery counters for left-handers. For example, the New Arbat Street Bookstore sells stationery such as pencils, scissors and rulers for left-handers. The price of a fountain pen designed by Stabilio for left-handed people is 330 rubles per piece. One U.S. dollar is equivalent to 26.78 rubles.
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