Scotch tape right storage method

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03

scotch tape believes everyone not unfamiliar, but everyone in normal times really store right? Here is to spread the correct storage techniques!

1。 Scotch tape storage temperatures between 15 and 38 ℃, use up is not easy to cause the residual gum, and contrast with approach for better low temperature part.

2. Storage environment will cause the scotch tape aging, such as oxygen, ultraviolet ( The light from the sun) , metal, especially brass or rust, bleach, plasticizer and other environment can lead to degradation of belt, under the influence of long-term softening, curing, lose the sticky.

3. Choosing appropriate use period depending on the type of scotch tape and storage environment and conditions, packing specification, etc.

4. Scotch tape during storage period can't after extrusion, can appear otherwise there are color difference between tape volumes and volumes.

5. Transparent tape should be into place, do not fold, when storage time too long, should flip a quarterly.

6. Adhesive tape type, specification and concrete conditions according to using need, reasonable selection.

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