Scotch tape there

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

a lot of netizens are put forward such a problem: scotch tape poisonous? Because of that we often use transparent adhesive tape adhesive tape products, use transparent tape sealing is with the mouth to bite it, so we are toxic for the scotch tape is very concerned about. Adhesive tape factory today to solve all doubts. < br />

we know that the scotch tape is adhesive and thin film, thin film and also through the chemical experiment to some degree, which contains a variety of chemicals. Adhesive with more needless to say, it is made of synthetic rubber, and synthetic rubber itself is a kind of toxic objects, people often use is harmful to health. < br />
scotch tape poisonous? Nearly period of time, news reports online supermarket using duct tape vegetables event is proved that the scotch tape is toxic, especially the transparent tape used in the food that has a great harm to people's body. We will tape on the fire to burn above it can be smelled a very smelly flavor, this is because the tape inside of chemicals in burning, burning out of gas after inhaled is also has a certain influence. < br />
from this example scotch tape poisonous? We can say that scotch tape don't mouth bite at ordinary times, under normal circumstances it is nontoxic, but like bundling vegetables with transparent tape that is toxic, because its branch sticking on vegetables, vegetable for human consumption, indirect eat the transparent adhesive tape from the scotch tape is toxic.

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