Scratch-free Pens

by:Yourijiu     2020-07-01
Any pen that comes into contact with leather hide should not pose a threat to the integrity of the material. Thus, special pens for writing on leather should not leave scratches after you draw with them. LeatherPen Precision Markers have a reputation for keeping your fabric safe whenever the pen comes into contact with it. Viable Alternative to Marker Tape While marker tape is ideal for demarcating straight or diagonal lines, it's not the answer for circular shapes or random drawings on the leather. So instead of rolling out strand after strand of tape, use a pen to draw the lines where you need them to be drawn, using whatever shapes you need to use to complete the job. Tip Shape Writing on leather is pointless unless the lines left on the fabric are highly visible. Due to the tip shape of the LeatherPen Precision Marker nibs, any marks you leave on the leather are bold, thick and smooth. The tapered nature of the tip also enables you to maintain total control while drawing, which means you won't get any ink where you don't want it to be. Wipe-off Removal Any pen you use to write on leather should wipe off. Other marking utensils require evaporation over a period of minutes or going through a wash cycle in the machine. Not so with these markers. They act a little like dry erase markers in the way they rub off. Just take a clean, dry, soft cloth to gently wipe away the ink from the leather after you've fixed or removed the flaw. Residue Removal Sometimes, for whatever reason, the ink might not come off of the fabric all the way after writing on leather and letting it dry completely. You might notice a light residue that it left behind. If this happens, don't worry; just take a leather wipe, made by the LeatherPen Precision Marker manufacturers, to remove any excess that didn't come off with the cloth. These wipes remove more than just ink, however. If you've spilled on the hide or find ground-in dirt that you can't otherwise remove, these wipes will do the job.
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