[Second-hand office supplies] The profession of furniture designer is heating up rapidly, office furniture urgently needs creative talents

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-12
With the increasing requirements for the quality and appearance of office furniture, furniture is no longer just simple daily necessities. Individually designed furniture is becoming more and more popular. The rapid development of the furniture industry makes the profession of furniture designer heat up rapidly. Large demand promotes furniture design. Chen Baoguang, deputy secretary general of the China Furniture Association, said that the dual motivation of the market demand for second-hand office supplies and the export of foreign exchange has promoted the production of modern furniture in my country... As people’s requirements for the quality and appearance of office furniture are increasing, Furniture is more than just simple daily necessities, and personalized design furniture is becoming more and more popular. The rapid development of the furniture industry makes the profession of furniture designer heat up rapidly.  High demand promotes furniture design  Chen Baoguang, deputy secretary-general of the China Furniture Association, said that the dual drive of market demand for second-hand office supplies and export earnings has promoted the rapid development of modern furniture production in my country. At present, the products of many manufacturers have been exported to Europe and the United States, and my country has become an important manufacturing base for the world's furniture industry. However, high output value and low added value coexist in my country's furniture manufacturing industry. At present, most of the export products are produced through OEM, that is to say, very few Chinese own brands are sold directly abroad.   In addition, most domestic furniture companies have similar designs, lack creativity, and mostly imitate. Chen Baoguang believes that the second-hand office supplies and furniture industry has developed to its current scale. In the face of fierce competition, the domestic market will start a price war. The foreign market is struggling to rely on the comparative advantage of low cost. The entry of furniture design talents into furniture manufacturing enterprises is the key to the sustained and rapid development of the furniture industry.  The talent structure has not formed an echelon. Although many companies have realized the importance of hiring designers, even a high salary may not be able to obtain a satisfactory designer. According to incomplete statistics, there are currently more than 30,000 furniture companies in China, but there are fewer than 3,000 designers. In other words, on average, there is only one designer for every 10 furniture companies. Not to mention the gap in the number of furniture designers, the level of the few designers is also large. Mature designers are rare, and more are draftsmen who can only do simple imitation and drawing work. On the whole, the level of talents in the furniture design industry is limited, and a good echelon structure has not been formed. Foreign designers come to grab jobs and second-hand office supplies. When talking about the design level of domestic designers, Shi Yan, the planning manager of Beijing Qumei Furniture Co., Ltd. believes that compared with foreign designers, most domestic designers are There is a certain gap in the pursuit of individuation and product innovation, which is the main reason why it is difficult for my country's furniture design to break through. Therefore, many domestic large-scale furniture manufacturing companies have hired foreign experts with high salaries. Regarding the current situation of foreign designers grabbing jobs, Shi Yan said that many companies hiring foreign talents are also a helpless move to make up for the lack of domestic outstanding designers.  Weak design skills cause employment difficulties. Although the demand for talents in the furniture industry is very large, for furniture designers at present, it is very important for furniture designers to be able to express their design intentions smoothly to the care and manufacturing departments.   The employment of talents is not optimistic. According to an unnamed person from the Beijing Furniture Association, the number of domestic organizations that train furniture design talents has been on the rise. At present, in addition to Beijing Forestry University, Northeast Forestry University and other forestry colleges that have opened furniture design majors, vocational colleges in large furniture production provinces such as Guangdong and Zhejiang are focusing on cultivating furniture designers, and many training institutions in the society have also opened Related training courses. It can be said that the number of furniture design talents cultivated by all walks of life in the society has increased geometrically in the past two years. But at present, except for the good employment situation of a few college graduates, most people find it difficult to find a suitable job after studying furniture design. Analyzing the reasons, Chen Baoguang believes that second-hand office supplies are firstly because domestic furniture production companies are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, and most companies do not yet have the concept of furniture design. He believes that instead of hiring designers to design products with high salaries, it is better to sell foreign furniture stores. The furniture patterns in the factory are brought back to the factory for reproduction, which can reduce costs; secondly, many institutions often only focus on basic skills when educating trainees, and do not explore the cultural heritage of furniture design. Can draw but cannot design, so it is more difficult to get a job.
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