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by:Yourijiu     2021-08-25
Hello, bosses and classmates! Zhang Youwei is full of gratitude and awe, and sincerely thank you for your support and care over the years. Kow here! At the beginning of the Spring Festival, we have been building u0026ldquo...Hello bosses and students! Zhang Youwei is full of gratitude and awe, and sincerely thank you for your support and care over the years. Kow here! At the beginning of the Spring Festival, we have been building an online platform for Dayou Classroom. This is also a mainstream trend of online education platforms. It is indeed convenient for everyone’s learning and scheduling. We also have a QQ group for Dayou Classroom for daily learning. Simple problems can be solved in the group, and offline courses will be held from time to time. This combination of teaching will definitely be very effective. Over the past few years, many students have followed the methods we taught and insisted on earnestly implementing them. In the short period of 3 to 6 months, and the long period of one and a half years, they have achieved relatively satisfactory results in online business, and achieved it in two years. After eating up the 300,000 grassroots left in a light-years, I turned around and took the whole family to live a well-off life. I hope these students can continue to study and study, because the practical content of this class is richer. Especially the success of small and micro enterprises from 0 to 1, the all-encompassing business experience, and the marketing plan to get rid of opponents. In these three courses, I summarized my own 30 years of work and business experience and methods, analyzed and explained. The cases are all made and planned by myself. They are not copied from other people's cases. They are 100% original. There is still a lot of content that can’t be finished in 2~3 days of offline classes. This time Also included. This can also be said to be different from all current domestic e-commerce training and marketing planning teaching characteristics. Although the online platform has been adjusted several times, the current online platform still has some minor problems, but it will not have much impact on the use of functions, so it was decided to go online to meet the continuous learning of many new and old students. I hope that students will give us another half a year, and every course will be presented; I also hope that students will not be too greedy when they learn, learn one step and practice one step, less is more, slow is faster, StepbyStep (step by step) Step by step) Obedient and do as you say, success will not be far away from you. I wish you all apply what you have learned, improve your performance, and realize your life goals and values u200bu200bstep by step! A brief description of the online platform of 'Daeyou Classroom': (The following six months will continue to be online and continue to add courses) 1. The courses mainly include: 1) B2B: B2B platform free promotion and operation; 2) SEO: official website keyword optimization on Baidu homepage 3) SEM: Baidu bidding ranking skills; 4) Taobao store traffic analysis, Taobao promotion and marketing planning; 5) Blog marketing: building trust and brand image; 6) Weibo and WeChat: Social communication, community sales, offline bonding; 7) How small and micro enterprises can achieve entrepreneurial success from 0 to 1; 8) All-inclusive business lessons, explaining cases and applications of consumer psychology, behavioral science, and experimental psychology, and sales techniques; 9) Get rid of the opponent's marketing plan, analyze and explain 30 projects I planned. 2. Tuition and duration: 2800 yuan/person, three-year semester, and new audio and video courses every week. 3. Payment account: Zhang Youwei Alipay After payment, send a screenshot of the payment to show proof. 4. After the payment is successful, register for an account on the Dayouketang online platform (, then inform the customer service of the account, open a VIP, and then you can learn all the audio and video courses on the website. 5. Since the website has just been launched, in addition to audio and video courses, other pages may still be improved, please understand and understand. 6. In the process of learning and experience, if you encounter platform bugs and other issues, please contact the customer service Hu Shanshan, we will continue to improve and continuously improve the experience of the students. Sincerely, Zhang Youwei, the online platform of Dayou Classroom 2017-6-6
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