Self-reliance bag and self-supporting zipper bag is food companies

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-06

food packaging not only bearing the weight of the mission of costumes and the protection of food, should also be on the premise of the environmental impact is minimized, provide consumers with the greatest convenience and ease of use. Self-reliance bag, self-supporting zipper bag, the two packing because of its convenience, ease of use, excellent shelf display and environmental protection, in recent years popularity in the field of food packaging.   Self-reliance with horizontal support structure at the bottom of the bag is a kind of flexible packaging bags, it need not rely on any cigarettes and whether package hold bag open all stand on its own. Self-supporting bag has good shelf display. In addition, in order to meet the personalized demand, self-supporting bag can also increase the personalized design elements, such as the handle, the curve contour, reusable sealing zipper, etc. , thus greatly enhance the desire of consumers. At present, the self-supporting bag has in the food, fruit juice drinks, can suck jelly, spices, has been widely used in pet food packaging. Self-supporting zipper bag is on the basis of the original flexible packaging bags add a zipper, so as to add to the function of sealing for packing bags, make consumers to repeat seal did not finish eating the food. In Europe and the United States and other developed countries and regions, zipper bags have been widely used in meat, cheese, frozen food, nuts, sweets and cakes, and other areas of the food packaging, and at present we are self-supporting zipper bag is mainly used for betel nut, the tea fields. Used for food packaging self-supporting zipper bag mainly including three series: the slider type and jewels, chain type.   Self-reliance bag and self-supporting zipper bag while in our country, the development of history is not long, but it is showing a good momentum of development. In the near future, the two flexible packaging form will get more and more extensive application in the field of food packaging.

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