Shanghai Fashion Home Furnishing Exhibition welcomes the tenth gift

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-29
As a leading professional exhibition for the mid-to-high-end household goods market in China, the China (Shanghai) International Fashion Home Furnishing Exhibition (Interior Lifestyle China, referred to as Shanghai Fashion Home Furnishing Exhibition) has entered its tenth year this year and will be held from September 20 to 2016. On the 22nd, the Shanghai New International Expo Center was once again grand... As a leading domestic professional exhibition for the mid-to-high-end household goods market-China (Shanghai) International Fashion Home Furnishing Exhibition (Interior Lifestyle China, referred to as Shanghai Fashion Home Furnishing Exhibition) entered this year In the tenth year, the grand opening will be held again at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from September 20 to 22, 2016. The number of exhibitors in the last exhibition set a record, attracting 379 exhibitors from 14 countries and regions. As the most prestigious brand event in the domestic home furnishing and daily necessities industry, Shanghai Fashion Home Furnishing Exhibition has been confirmed to participate in the exhibition by well-known industry giants from home and abroad, including Alessi (Italy), Pinzhu International (China), TVS (Italy), Brabantia (Netherlands), Portmeirio Group (UK), LEONARDO (Germany), BWT (Germany), Beiyin Kai (Japan), Nouvel (Switzerland), Fubon Rongxin (China), Pangu Business Flow (China), etc. This year's German Pavilion will also bring more local German brands, such as Felix Solingen, Ritterwerk, Stonline, Wesco, Zielonka and Billerbeck. Ms. Wen Ting, Senior General Manager of Messe Frankfurt (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. added: Shanghai Fashion Home Fair is the best business platform for brand building, launching new products and expanding distribution channels. Almost all well-known household and daily necessities brands in the world are in Shanghai. The exhibition has appeared one after another, and the proportion of overseas brands participating in the exhibition has reached as high as 70% over the years. In addition to the domestic and foreign exhibitors that have given us strong support for so many years, this year we will welcome a group of exhibitors for the first time, including Langwan Furniture, Denby from the United Kingdom and Hankook Chinaware from South Korea. Among them, LivingKitchen Europe and the United States will lead its brands KitchenAid and Blendtec. Leading European and American brands such as, Anchor and Microplane jointly participated in the exhibition. In addition, there are also many old friends such as Rosenthal, Diverse House, German Miji and Mexarts. The road show in the central and western cities was unprecedentedly prosperous. The VIP Buyers Club of the Shanghai Fashion Home Furnishing Exhibition selected 336 high-quality buyers to join in 2015. The club’s buyers are mainly mid-to-high-end department stores, large retailers, Mainly wholesalers, importers and hotel buyers. In 2016, the membership types of buyers' clubs will be extended to include shopping malls, commercial real estate, mid-to-high-end restaurants, e-commerce, interior designers and other sectors. Through the organization of the club, it helps exhibitors to accurately locate business opportunities and expand business partnerships in different fields. This year, on the basis of the traditional superior resources of the exhibition, we will further expand the audience coverage of retail channels to key cities in the central and western regions and cross-industry retail areas. In 2016, Shanghai Fashion Home Furnishing Exhibition held roadshows in key cities in the central and western regions such as Chengdu, Wuhan, Chongqing, Guiyang and Xi'an, and received strong support from associations from all over the world. More than 200 VIP buyers came and participated in the interaction in this roadshow, including well-known domestic and foreign brand companies, distributors, agents, hotel purchases, high-end supermarkets and department stores. Among them, buyers from Fangsuo, Yanjiyou, Hi Department Store and other lifestyle integrated stores came to the scene. In addition, this exhibition will expand new e-commerce channels, and will work with well-known e-commerce platforms to provide comprehensive solutions for the development, expansion and deepening of brand online sales channels. The same period event with the theme of 'Meeting Very Beautiful' is coming. Mid-to-high-end catering consumption is becoming more and more important in the Chinese market. The 2016 exhibition will take 'Meeting Very Beautiful' as the theme of the conference, extending the lifestyle from a single concept of home to a better one. The wide range encourages everyone to go to the restaurant to experience more of the beauty of life, and this will also introduce relevant buyers such as mid-to-high-end restaurants, cafes, bars and other procurement leaders and operators, and the concurrent activities of the exhibition will also focus on the restaurant. The 2016 theme exhibition area-a mobile feast, will be transformed into a conceptual exhibition area combining cultural experience and catering space. It is composed of several unit spaces and incorporates visual, video and textual expressions, with a sense of concept and bright colors. space. Table art, kitchen supplies, gourmet books and photography all work together to create a beautiful relationship between people and food. Go to the restaurant, go social, go meet, everything will be great. There is another design show in the ON DESIGN design zone. You look delicious. New talents from local and overseas dining utensils, food and packaging designers will also be invited to take you to an interaction with eating. The 10th Anniversary ON DESIGN Design Zone Special Exhibition-North-South East-West Special Exhibition + Forum Activities, four designers Chen Youjian, Qu Guangci, Wu Bin, and Zhong Song are the neighbors of the east and the west, re-examining the world view from four geographic directions. The two meanings of 'east and west' in 'South, North, East and West' are the things in life, and the integration of Eastern and Western cultures. In addition, the organizer will join hands with the annual exclusive e-commerce strategic partner Tmall Home Furnishing and its well-known international brands to invite celebrity chefs to jointly create Tmall Global Family Years·Super Kitchen Day. The rich activities at the exhibition site are bound to make you linger, and you shouldn’t miss it! The 2016 China (Shanghai) International Fashion Houseware Fair is hosted by Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. For more details, please visit the official website of the conference or follow the official WeChat account of Shanghai Fashion Home Furnishing Exhibition.
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