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by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

    With the improvement of people's life, packing tape has integrated into people's life, the market competition is very fierce, the specifications of the sealing tape is also more and more, such as & other; Printing tape & throughout;

a, what is a printing tape < br / >
& have spent Printing tape is printed with company name, phone, website, LOGO, such as identification of packing tape, can be monochrome printing can also be multi-color, can customize according to the < br / >
& have spent Second, what are the advantages of printing tape: < br / >
& have spent 1, highlight the company's image < br / >
& have spent Using printed with company LOGO, the name of the product packaging packing tape, it is easier to make customers to the company brand image a profound memory. To set up the brand image.

  2, anti-counterfeiting, tamper < br / >
& have spent Order need to open printing printing tape, to a certain extent have played an important role in security. In transit also have the effect of preventing transport department opened the repackaging.

  Three, custom printed tape price < br / >
& have spent Custom printing tape because the price of the link, will be more expensive than ordinary packing tape. Are: the factors which influence the price of the color of the print, tape viscosity, etc. Another, printed tape has a minimum order quantity, Because of the different specifications) , deposit and other issues. < br / >

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