Single pet protective film

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05

single PET protective film based on polyester film ( PET) As the backing material, tades polyethylene terephthalate glycol ester as a raw material, adopting extrusion legal system into thick slices, then through two-way stretch film materials; One-side coated silica gel water monolayer PET protective film. The characteristics of single layer PET protective film:

1, this product for metal, plastic, glass, etc were posted content has the very good paste strength, and good retention;

2, viscous and variety, the thickness of protective film on the surface smooth level off;

3, heat resistance, weather resistance, acid-proof performance good;

4, suitable for circular knife die cutting, flat die cutter cutting type gasket materials and waste;

5, also can be used as an aid in the die cutting high clean optical material;

6, 107 - surface resistance 109 Ω cm, environmental non-toxic tasteless;

7, product surface without static material migration phenomenon;

8, 1000 level processing, clean environment cleanliness excellent;

9, good transparency, can under the conditions of joint protection materials for optical film appearance inspection;

10, low viscosity, stick attached adhesion after changes little;

11, products have single anti-static and double-sided anti-static stripping with voltage.

12, antistatic effect is good, durable and stable performance.

use: widely used in all kinds of waste material after die cutting. Precision die cutting materials industry, medical, health, packaging and other industries.

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