Six common lithium battery tape characteristics

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-07

Characteristics: It has the characteristics of strong electrolyte resistance, high adhesion, soft and proper, environmental protection and halogen-free.

Lithium battery tapes are classified by use:

Terminal tape, PACK tape, protective film tape, tab tape, high temperature tape, fixed tape, removable tape, double-sided tape, etc.

Common lithium battery tape cell (digital) termination tape: used for the tab position and winding position of cylindrical and square, small and medium-sized lithium electronic batteries and large power lithium electronic battery cells, etc. The termination insulation is fixed, which plays a role of termination and puncture prevention. PACK high temperature tape: used for edge sealing and bottom insulation protection and binding of lithium battery steel shells, aluminum shells, cylinders, soft pack batteries and power battery assembled cells.

Leg tape: used for lithium battery steel shells, aluminum shells, soft packs, cylinders and other battery poles. Wrap the solder joints of ultrasonic welding to prevent the solder joints from piercing the diaphragm and causing short circuit of the core; high temperature resistance and electrolyte corrosion resistance; to prevent the internal resistance of the battery from increasing.

Mara tape: used to paste black, red and blue glue on the top and bottom of cylindrical batteries. Fiber tape is used for encapsulation in various battery PACK processes: some pressure-sensitive adhesive layers have excellent lasting adhesion and special characteristics. Performance, excellent alkali resistance, high tensile strength and deformation resistance, excellent self-adhesiveness, insulation and heat conduction, high temperature resistance. Used for strapping protection of small power batteries.

Masking tape: Mainly used for top edge sealing in the production process of battery cell injection, with good conformability and high temperature resistance

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