Skin tags are small flaps of skin which often

by:Yourijiu     2020-07-03
Stop supply of blood to the tags This method used to remove tags is obviously painful. It involves the tying of a string at the base of the skin tag; however, it is difficult to do alone. If you choose to use this method, there must be someone to help you so that the process is executed flawlessly. Thread or dental floss may be used in removing the skin tag. Make a loop and tie it around the skin tag to cut off blood supply. When the blood supplied to the skin tag is insufficient, the tag drops off after two days. Removal using vitamin E. Vitamin E which is normally packed in capsules can be used to remove skin tags. The vitamin is applied at the area around the tag; then, a piece of cloth is used to tie the surrounding skin. A band aid strip may be used to help reduce the amount of blood flowing to the skin tag. Vitamin E should be applied again the next day to ensure that pesky skin tag is completely removed. This method is less painful than cutting it off. Using household duct tape. A gray duct tape can effectively be used for tag removal. The tape should be applied in the morning and monitored throughout the day and should only be removed after it has loosened. If the first attempt does not remove the tag, the procedure can be repeated for several days until the tag falls off. This method is not painful but may restrict the performance of your daily chores. Using Compound W. This is where the skin tag is removed using a mild acid that is normally used to remove wart. This solution is applied on the skin tag and is then covered with a band aid. If the results are not good in the first instance, you may repeat the procedure the second day. This method is less painful than the other methods. Visit a dermatologist. If your tag refuses to remove using home remedies, you may need to consult a specialist or dermatologist. They will suggest effective removal methods that are less painful. Rates will vary according to each skin care center or doctor's office. Find the best professional at the most affordable price if you have many skin tags to remove from your body and face.
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