Solution of polyethylene tape volumes, appearance and bubble problem

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03

polyethylene tape manufacturer of the temperature of the solution volume should not below rules solution temperature, if the temperature is too low, prone to damage the tape in the solution. Polyethylene tape quality depends on the quality of tape around the outer, often appear uneven question is fold, lap share with, appearance, breakage, etc. As long as pay more attention during the construction, public before derusting, besmear brushs paint process in accordance with the requirements of construction, such as these questions can be prevented.


bubble doubt about tape, have special clarify on industry standards, these bubbles due to the elastic tape and correction ability, will gradually disappear, this situation is unfavorable localization quality question. They were faced with permanent bubbles, similar to fold, demand for eradication and repair operations.

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