Some of the commonly used kinesiology Tape include:

by:Yourijiu     2020-06-13
The Zinc oxide physio tape. This consists of a rigid cotton material which is lined with a base consisting of Zinc Oxide. The rigid texture allows the tape useful in holding joints. The tapes immobilize the joints thus preventing unnecessary movements. Its rigid nature prevents knees from twisting and also enables ankles to roll in a specific direction. Elastic Adhesive Bandage (EAB). This type of Kinesiology Tape allows some level of stretch and therefore is very useful when a Physiotherapist needs to expose an injured muscle to some level of stretch in a particular direction. These create some stretch lengthwise. To balance the ratio of support, flexibility and support in an injured muscle, Physio tape is the best option available. Kinesiology tapes are largely used as physio tapes. Their different and varied shapes and tension levels are very helpful when used as physio tapes. They can be used as corrective measure in wounded muscles that are healing and at the same time be used in healthy muscles to improve the performance of the muscles. When used in injured muscles, the Kinesiology Tapes enable the injured muscles to heal at a faster rate. For already healed muscles, the tapes help improve levels of fitness. The injured muscles therefore get back to their normal functions at a faster rate when these are used in physiotherapy procedures. Cohesive Bandages. This kind of Kinesiology Tape has rubber coating which enables the tapes to get a good grip on the skin. The tapes are tearable and this becomes handy during their use as they can easily be cut to different desired lengths and shapes. PVC sock tape. This type of physio tape has many uses. It therefore acts as a multipurpose with no specific function. For physiotherapy purposes, this is used in the physiotherapy kit bags to provide support. It can also be used to protect the Kinesiology Tape by wrapping them. Besides the tapes enlisted above, there are other common tapes which are also used for physiotherapy services. These include Tear Lite Elastic Adhesive Bandages and Athletic Tear tape. When fixing Kinesiology Tape, care must be taken to ensure that only the affected region is exposed to the effect of the tapes. When fixed in a wrong way, more damage may be created instead of getting solution to the muscles' injured. Kinesiology Tapes are commonly used on patients trying to get their muscles back in action. Those willing to use such kind of tapes must work with the physiotherapists who must give professional advice. An individual cannot just walk to any store with the Kinesiology Tape to make any purchase on a particular Kinesiology Tape.
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