Special tips for using double-sided tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-05

The double-sided tape we use every day can generally be used after tearing off, but is the real double-sided tape used like this? The answer is definitely no, why do you say that? Let the editor take you to understand how to use double-sided tape correctly. After reading it, you may find that you have been using double-sided tape in the wrong way for so many years!

The correct method of sticking double-sided tape:

1. Before sticking the plate, we put the plate, tape and plate roller at the same room temperature for a period of time;

p>2, before mounting the plate, the printing plate and the plate roller must be cleaned;

3. If the plate is stuck on the sleeve, the minimum air pressure must be used to prevent the sleeve from deforming;

4. The joint of the double-sided tape should be staggered with the joint of the printing plate;

5. When applying the tape, it is best to use a squeegee to evenly paste the tape on the roller in a parallel sweep. No air bubbles should be left between the plate roller and the plate roller; (if any air bubbles remain, use acupuncture to remove them)

6. Before determining the position of the printing plate, avoid premature contact between the printing plate and the tape. After confirming the printing position, Remove the protective layer of the tape and stick the printing plate on the tape with a squeegee in a parallel sweep;

7. When cleaning the printing plate during the printing process, avoid the cleaning solvent from contacting the tape to avoid damaging the tape;

p>8. When removing the printing plate from the tape, the angle between the printing plate and the tape should not be greater than 90 degrees.

9. Leave about 5mm at the interface of the plate, and use 3M 1600 electrical insulating tape to seal the plate. It can effectively avoid the ink pollution caused by the warping of the plate interface caused by the cleaning, and it is very economical.

10. Excessive and repeated use of double-sided tape will cause poor overprinting, especially when there is a new set of plates in a set of plates, and it is easy to occur when they are used for a long time.

After understanding the use of double-sided tape, we can use double-sided tape in the future in our lives. We can use double-sided tape in the correct way. Of course, we can’t use it too rigidly and use it flexibly. Double-sided tape.

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