Stationery business opportunities heat up, negative doubts emerge

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-26
The student stationery market contains huge business opportunities in Guangzhou and is a fierce battlefield for businesses to compete. Nowadays, in order to cater to the children's mentality of seeking innovation and change, the cartoonization and entertainment of stationery have become a general trend. Parents take their children to the store to purchase stationery, and they can spend several hundred yuan in the blink of an eye. In the face of these brightly colored, variously shaped, versatile and expensive stationery, most of... The student stationery market contains huge business opportunities in the Guangzhou area and is a fierce battlefield for merchants. Nowadays, in order to cater to the children's mentality of seeking innovation and change, the cartoonization and entertainment of stationery have become a general trend. Parents take their children to the store to purchase stationery, and they can spend several hundred yuan in the blink of an eye. Faced with these brightly colored, different shapes, diverse functions, and expensive stationery, most students and parents feel that it is acceptable as long as they have financial means, but some experts have different opinions. 1. Market supply status 1. Appearance: a cartoon-like novelty toy. Recently, when I walked into a large shopping mall in downtown Guangzhou, I was immediately attracted by the dazzling array of primary school students’ stationery placed in the stationery counter. From the outside, many stationery lists are thought to be children's toys, ranging from erasers to schoolbags. They have all worked hard on their appearance. Some stationery boxes, rulers, pencils, and erasers have even been made into a cartoon series. The sales staff at the stationery counter told the author: Those simple and practical stationery are difficult to attract children nowadays, but it is completely different if they are transformed into a gorgeous coat. She also said that even if the price is relatively high, as long as economic conditions permit, many parents will still pay to meet their children's requirements. 2. Function: To develop in the direction of multi-function. Today's student stationery is also beginning to develop in the direction of multi-function to meet the various needs of students in life and learning. The real identity of the modeled house and tractor in front of me is actually a pencil sharpener, which can be placed on a desk as an ornament. In addition, it has an opening on the upper side, which can also be used as a piggy bank. The author also saw a plastic stationery box. The main tools in it are a compass, a thermometer and a pencil sharpener. Each tool has a small secret switch, which will pop up with a single tap. Many parents report that their children already have several stationery boxes and are still clamoring to buy them. They laughed and said there was no way. 3. Packaging: exquisitely packaged into a big gift box Packing all kinds of stationery into gift boxes is also a trend of changes in the appearance of stationery. The author found more than a dozen exquisite colored pen gift boxes of different brands in the stationery counter of a large shopping mall in Guangzhou. 48 colored pens of different colors are wrapped in elegant colored paper boxes, and the price is dozens of yuan higher than that of light-back colored pens. . Another is to pack different types of stationery such as pencils, rulers, erasers, and stationery boxes into a gift box. The contents can be seen through the transparent colored wrapping paper, which looks high-end and fashionable. 2. Optimistic about the positive reaction of the market 1. Ability to develop intelligence. The author found in the interview that most parents take a very relaxed attitude towards their children's purchase of stationery. They believe that it is not bad to buy stationery anyway. There is only one child in the family, and all the students use this kind of stationery. If he (she) does not have one, it will hurt the child's self-esteem. Some parents also told us that some stationery that needs to be explored and assembled by hands can help develop children's intelligence, so they especially encourage their children to buy this kind of stationery. A parent specifically mentioned that there is a kind of rubber that has a jigsaw function. For example, four small rubbers can be assembled into a small toy. The assembling process is to exercise the child's hands-on ability. 2. It is helpful to promote learning enthusiasm. Both teachers and education experts believe that parents can occasionally purchase one or two school supplies with novel designs and peculiar styles for their children when their financial ability permits, as rewards and encouragement for their children’s learning. This helps to promote the enthusiasm of children in learning. They also mentioned that the knowledge of primary and middle school students is becoming more and more abundant. The simple and plain appearance of traditional stationery can hardly satisfy their psychological needs of seeking novelty. Some manufacturers have seized this psychology to develop and develop new and unique stationery products. , Making them more attractive, this is indeed a development and progress of stationery. 3. Arousing doubts to be discussed. In connection with this, teachers and education experts also raised another question: stationery is a companion for children day and night. Simple stationery and beautifully packaged stationery leave a different impression on children, the latter It is more likely that children will make a comparison of substances prematurely. In this regard, they also questioned whether stationery that pays too much attention to appearance and packaging, in addition to increasing the expenditure of many families, also raises some problems. 1. Distracting children. Curiosity and difficulty concentrating are the characteristics of elementary school students. If the stationery has excessively fancy decorations and packaging, is it easier to prevent them from paying attention to the basic functions of the stationery, distracting the energy in class and doing homework Attention. 2. Will it cause comparison? From a child’s psychological point of view, every child has a psychological need to seek differences and conformity. If parents blindly satisfy the children’s various requirements, even when choosing stationery, It will encourage the child's comparison psychology and affect the healthy growth of the child's mentality. 3. Excessive packaging is a waste. In the sales of stationery, we often criticize that excessive packaging of some products is a waste, but we rarely treat the packaging of stationery rationally. In fact, this is not in line with the theme of the conservation-oriented society we are now advocating. It can be appropriate. Adding new ideas to stimulate consumption, it is best to emphasize the functionality of stationery.
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