Stationery Design Competition Appears in Yongwai City Market Promotion Enters Climax Period

by:Yourijiu     2021-09-04
Following the climax of the Southern Market Promotion of the First Stationery Design Competition in 2006 in China, the 'Hundred Cities Promotion Campaign' once again sounded the clarion call for the stationery design competition. It appeared in Beijing Yongwai City and had a close meeting with stationery distributors in the northern market. Dialogue of distance. MicrosoftInternetExplorer402DocumentNotSpecified7.8 lbNormal0 Following the climax of the 2006 China first stationery design competition in the southern market, the promotion of 100 cities once again sounded the clarion call for the stationery design competition, and it appeared in Beijing Yongwai City and held with stationery distributors in the northern market. A close conversation. Beijing Yongwaicheng Stationery Market is located outside Yongdingmen. It has more than 10 years of development history. It is a three-level professional wholesale market for learning, office supplies, sporting goods, and gifts. The huge business opportunities in the northern market attract long-term The entry of products and brands of important stationery manufacturers in the Delta, the Pearl River Delta and other places. The stationery design competition made its debut in Yongwai City. The national stationery design competition really surprised and delighted the northern distributors. Surprisingly, the first stationery design competition not only stimulated the development of the stationery industry, injected hot fresh blood into the stationery, but also turned on the navigation light for the brand building reform of innovative stationery for enterprises. The good news is that distributors can also participate in this competition personally and get a close feel of the design power of the company and the design concept of the product. ★The series of stationery design competitions appeared in Beijing Yongwai City. During the communication with various shops, Boss Li expressed his feelings: I have been in the stationery industry for more than 10 years, and this is the first time I heard that there is a stationery design competition so fresh. thing. I was very shocked. It sounds like the competition is pretty good. I really hope that your work tour will also come to Yongwai City. Let us also open our eyes, see the world more, and see more new stationery products. I hope this one Events that are beneficial to our stationery industry can be held more exciting and interesting year after year. For 20 years of stationery, market information is fickle, and cruel competition has always been the most helpless and headache for manufacturers and distributors, which directly affects product sales and profitability. The promotion and publicity platform of this stationery design competition indirectly established a solid bridge of information communication for enterprises and distributors. At present, nearly 500 independent products from well-known stationery manufacturers across the country have participated in the competition, and some of their own new products and best-selling products have been displayed. A number of industry magazines, outdoor advertising, body advertising, online media, exclusive reports from Sina and Vision Alliance, active participation of more than 60 colleges and universities across the country, huge publicity efforts will increase the visibility of enterprises and product brands, and greatly enhance dealer product sales Confidence. At the same time, it also provides northern distributors with an opportunity to understand the southern market, grasp the trends of new products and new designs of the company, take the initiative to grasp information, seize the first opportunity, and use a unique vision to fight for the agency rights of new products and obtain more benefits. The stationery design competition is a profitable link between stationery manufacturers and distributors. It is a sharp weapon to start the brand defense battle, and its lethality is beyond words. In the next July, the stationery design competition will continue to march into Chengdu with the prosperous promotion activities of Hundred Cities, march into the northwest, open a door of information for the stationery operators in the northwest, and contribute to the future development of stationery. ! MicrosoftInternetExplorer402DocumentNotSpecified7.8 lbNormal0 Korean women's clothing agent Korean women's fashion .com/list-50-3.html
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