[Stationery price list] Brand management needs to pay attention to quality, and brand development must not be flooded

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-19
Going to the supermarket to buy a box of tissues, the son saw the Pleasant Goat packaging at a glance, and quickly picked it into the cart. I can't help but sigh at the rapid pace of expansion of Pleasant Goat. If your child is a Pleasant Goat fan, congratulations, you can find Pleasant Goat signs from eating, drinking and wearing to toys. Arming children with clothing of this brand from head to toe is not a problem at all. The price of stationery... Go to the supermarket to buy a box of tissues. My son saw the Pleasant Goat packaging and quickly picked it into the cart. I can’t help but sigh at the rapid pace of expansion of Pleasant Goat. If your child is a Pleasant Goat fan, congratulations, you can find Pleasant Goat signs from eating, drinking and wearing to toys. Arming children with this brand's clothing from head to toe is not a problem at all. The problem with the price list of stationery is that there are too many options to choose from, which may make you picky. As long as you go shopping and buy things, you will find that this cartoon series, which is currently the most popular among Chinese children, has more and more opportunities to appear on merchandise, and you have more and more opportunities to meet these brands. China’s animation industry has finally slowly built up a relatively successful industrial chain. Stationery price lists, books, audio and video, cold drinks, dolls, clothing, stationery, puppet shows, and even credit cards, online games, stamps, music downloads, etc. have been corresponding. Of authorized developers. According to estimates by people in the animation industry, Pleasant Goat’s market value has exceeded 1 billion yuan. There are more than 600 episodes of cartoons; 118 kinds of books have been developed and published, with sales of more than 12 million copies, and copyright fees of more than 40 million yuan; the box office of 'Pleasant Goat's Bully' movie box office is 90 million yuan; Pleasant Goat ice cream sold more than 5 million yuan last summer ; The output value of dolls exceeds 20 million yuan. The Disney series, which previously dominated the Chinese market, finally encountered strong local rivals. But I always feel that something is wrong. Pleasant Goat's brand expansion is too fast, and there are too many licensed products. It is said that Disney's Winnie the Pooh brand has reached the point of ubiquity, but the price of Winnie the Pooh is not close to the people, but the quality is very credible. A fan of the Pooh's mom commented: The stationery price list The Pooh costume has excellent texture and comfortable material. The Goat Goat series of clothing is just the opposite of the Pooh, the price is relatively close to the people, but the quality of the clothing is average. This is exactly some of the current problems of the Pleasant Goat brand. Because the market is expanding too fast, and perhaps because the self-development path of domestic animation brands is still in the groping stage, there are many Pleasant brands that have appeared, but the quality and stationery price list design have not yet formed their own characteristics. At least as far as clothing is concerned, the quality and brand of Pleasant Goat clothing are still at a low-end stage, and it is currently unable to compete with the Disney series of brands. Some people may say that Disney only released a Winnie the Pooh, a Mickey Mouse and a Donald Duck in 80 years. Pleasant Goat hasn't been on the ground for a long time, so it can't be viewed in equal measure. But the rut of the previous car is a lesson for the next car. Let’s take a look at the development of Disney’s brand: Since Walt Disney first allowed the use of Mickey Mouse on children’s writing paper in 1929, the company sold the production rights of its existing brands to third-party manufacturers. The film studios sell what they shoot, and it has remained the same for decades. At that time, 90% of the company's revenue came from the issuance of franchise licenses, and the issuance was reckless. If a company wants to use Donald Duck's pictures on its own products, it only needs to pay the royalties and meet the minimum quality assurance conditions. The number of franchisees has reached 4,200 at most, and the huge number of franchised products has actually greatly reduced the value of the Disney brand. Stationery price list until the end of December 1999, after Mooney, who had worked at Nike for 20 years, came to Disney, he took product development as the forerunner and used the existing cartoon characters to create a new brand. At the end of 2000, the new Princess brand was born. At that time, it was almost unanimously opposed by Disney die-hards. Later, the brand's annual sales reached 3 billion US dollars, becoming Disney's third best-selling product line after Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh. Comparing the two, it is not difficult to find that the Pleasant Goat brand series is now in the first stage of Disney, and the number of business licenses issued by the stationery price list is increasing. According to statistics, the current investment recovery ratio of 'Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf' is: broadcast copyright revenue only accounts for 30%, 40% comes from image licensing of derivative products, and the remaining 30% comes from other income. Among them, Pleasant Goat derivative products have developed several major categories and dozens of varieties, with an income of over 100 million yuan, which can be called a money printing machine. But how long can this printing machine run? The blue cat in the domestic cartoon 'Three Thousand Questions about Blue Cat Naughty' was very popular from 2002 to 2004. Within a year, it opened 3,000 stores across the country. It is said that there are more than 400 shoe stores. The front is too long. Logistics , Management is difficult to keep up, the fire for a while and finally flat. Pleasant Goat currently has popular cartoons and annual movies. In addition to the musical tour, the stationery price list should be supported by strong ratings, and its image is more popular than the blue cat, but the potential crisis cannot be ignored. alert. You know, it's not easy to make a popular animated image. Now that the Pleasant Goat series has come to the fore, it is good news for Chinese animation and luck for Chinese children. But if you want this brand to survive longer, the stationery price list must have a long-term brand plan in the development of derivatives and resource integration, not eager for quick success, blind expansion, and let the brand depreciate greatly due to the flooding. If you have the dream of Disney but follow the pace of expansion of the Blue Cat, such a prospect is not optimistic.
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