[Stationery Shelves] Newspaper becomes a fashionable birthday gift, a copy of up to 1800

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-16
How much does a newspaper cost? How much is a birthday gift? How much is a newspaper used as a birthday gift? Don’t be surprised. In Chengdu, some people actually sell newspapers as birthday gifts. Stationery shelves and money are billowing——u0026mda.. . How much does a newspaper cost? How much is a birthday gift? How much is a newspaper used as a birthday gift? Don’t be surprised, in Chengdu, some people actually sell newspapers as birthday gifts, stationery shelves and wealth of money — all The price of newspapers is clearly marked. A newspaper can sell for up to 1,800 yuan, and the price of newspapers with particularly important historical events that day is even higher. The man who sold the newspaper as a birthday gift is Luo Song, 46 years old this year. When Luo Song was a student of stationery shelves, he became interested in newspapers. He liked reading and cutting newspapers, and gradually collected the entire newspaper. Newspapers are not the same, there will be no fakes. Fifteen years ago, Luo Song, a stationery shelf, began to turn his collection goal to newspapers. After that, Luo Song plunged into the waste paper pile. Wherever there are large companies to relocate, and where there are waste books and newspapers to be disposed of, Luo Song will appear there--this is the most effective way to collect old newspapers that he summarized. During this National Day holiday, Luo Song also went to Shandong, spending more than 4,000 yuan on stationery shelves, and scoured a copy of the Beijing Peaceful Liberation Extra by the 'Kanto Daily'. The collection experience is getting richer and more and more newspapers are in the house. How to store stationery shelves has become a big problem. Luo Song created his own newspaper preservation method-putting leaf smoke in the middle of the newspaper to repel insects; he also rented a 30-square-meter warehouse in Longtan Temple to store newspapers. Up to now, Luo Song has invested almost 300,000 yuan in newspaper collections. There are already more than 600,000 newspapers in the warehouse. The stacks of newspapers on the stationery shelves have been piled from the ground to the roof. 4 years of operation, a newspaper sold for 1,800 yuan. In 2005, Luo Song, who was often in and out of the antique market, came up with an idea to turn the newspaper he collected into a commodity. Just do what he says, Luo Song rents a shop in the newly opened antique market on East Street, completes it with gift boxes and stationery shelf packaging bags, and packs the collected old newspapers into birthday gifts for sale. As soon as the shop opened, it attracted many customers. In less than a year, this antique market was closed. At that time, most of the merchants in the market lost money, and only I made money. Luo Song said. In 2006, Luo Song began to operate in Wenshufang, and the business began to develop on a large scale. The cost of putting in the stationery shelves has long been recovered. Luo Song divides the newspapers he sells by age and sets prices. From the 1990s onwards, the base price was 120 yuan. Every 10 years in the early days, the price of each newspaper was 20 yuan higher. Because of the difficulty of preservation and the small quantity, newspapers from the 1940s and 1930s were marked with sky-high prices --- 1,800 yuan per copy for newspapers from the 1930s. Of course, on certain days when there are particularly important historical events, the newspapers of that day will be priced separately. For example, a copy of the Ta Kung Pao on the day of Mr. Sun Yat-sen's death, Luo Song priced at 50,000 yuan; October 1, 1949, the New China First Newspaper was regarded by Luo Song as a priceless treasure, and he didn't sell it for any amount of money. Optimistic about the future The post-80s become the main buying force. If the customer decides which day the newspaper wants, I will go to the warehouse to find it. If he didn't have the newspaper that the customer wanted, Luo Song would have to contact newspaper friends everywhere and grab the goods from them. During this National Day holiday, Luo Song's business was very good. The stationery shelves sold an average of 7 birthday newspapers every day. He also took a group purchase and ordered more than 40 newspapers. Old newspapers are a non-renewable resource. How does the business of using newspapers as birthday gifts continue? Luo Song has calculated that among his customers, the post-80s are the main purchasers, accounting for about 60% of the total number of customers. Regarding the source of old newspapers, Luo Song said that firstly, his collection of stationery shelves still has more than 600,000 copies, which can support a long period of time; secondly, the market is cyclical, buying and selling, stationery shelves will not be lacking. Old newspaper. The birthday newspaper is a surprise. Yesterday morning, the reporter ran into Ms. Zhou who was going to pick up the newspaper in Luo Song's shop. Ms. Zhou is a civil servant. A friend of mine is going to celebrate his birthday in November. She ordered a newspaper for her friend’s birthday to take home. After returning home, Ms. Zhou could not wait to read the newspaper from beginning to end. There happened to be news about Premier Zhou’s meeting with Vietnamese leaders. Now that the living conditions are better, it is difficult to surprise people with any birthday gifts, and it is definitely a surprise to send a newspaper. Ms. Zhou believes that the special feature of the Daily News is that there are not many old newspapers left. The newspapers bought for one or two hundred yuan may be out of print and meaningful.
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