[Stationery wholesale and distribution] Wenzhou City Quality Supervision Bureau: 46.7% of stationery products are unqualified in random inspection

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-25
It is learned from the official website of Wenzhou City Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau that recently, in accordance with the 'Product Quality Law of the People's Republic of China' and 'Product Quality Supervision Regulations of Zhejiang ProvinceThis time, a total of 15 enterprise students in Yongjia County, Ouhai District, Ruian City and Cangnan County were spot-checked... According to the regulations of the Provincial Product Quality Supervision Regulations, the Wenzhou Municipal Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau organized the wholesale and distribution of stationery to conduct random inspections of toy products. This time, 15 batches of toy products produced by 15 companies in Yongjia County, Ouhai District, Ruian City and Cangnan County were spot-checked. 7 batches were unqualified, and the batch disqualification rate was 46.7%. The main unqualified items are stationery wholesale distribution product standard numbers, age ranges, safety warnings, names and addresses of producers or distributors, and small parts. Consumer guidelines: Plastic toys are mainly used by infants and children with weaker resistance. Therefore, the external quality of the product and the internal environmental protection and safety quality of the product should be fully considered when choosing toys. When buying toys, pay attention to the following aspects: 1. The product should have instructions for use, and the CCC logo, warning label, product name, executive standard, product grade, factory name, factory address, contact information, etc. should be complete on the packaging of stationery wholesale distribution products. 2. When purchasing, try to choose a place with complete purchase vouchers and procedures such as large shopping malls, large-scale stationery wholesale and distribution enterprises. At the same time, you should ask the sales staff for the test report of the year and issue detailed bills. 3. See clearly the applicable age range on the toy packaging box (bag). Stationery wholesale and distribution toys of different ages have different levels of complexity, which are suitable for different stages of children's intellectual development. Infants and young children often put toys in their mouths, so there should be no smaller toys. 4. Choose toys made of thicker plastic. Touch the surface of the toy with your hand, and feel for burrs and sharp edges, so as not to cut the skin when the child is playing. The heads of countersunk head screws and other fasteners should not protrude from the outer surface of the toy. The flat head round head wood screws should have counterbore holes, and the plastic toy assembly should be fit and there should be no gaps. For toys with transmission mechanism (gear transmission, chain rotation), such as all kinds of toy cars, the transmission mechanism should be covered by children’s hands so as not to pinch their fingers during rotation. Some small parts on plastic toys can be removed, such as small parts held by dolls or worn on the body. For children's toys under 3 years old, the diameter of these small parts should be greater than 31.75mm, so that it is not easy for infants to swallow and cause trouble. Necessary harm.
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