'Students' Checks'-Popular new gadgets in Shanghai primary schools

by:Yourijiu     2021-09-01
Recently, the new gadget 'student check' has suddenly become popular among primary school students in Shanghai. The same thing on this checkbook is that it is printed with 'recipient\The prices for friendship checks, campus checks, and family checks are also between 0.5 yuan and 5 yuan. MicrosoftInternetExplorer402DocumentNotSpecified7.8 lbsNormal0 Recently, the new gadget of student cheques has suddenly become popular among primary school students in Shanghai. This cheque book is similar to ordinary cheques in that it is printed with the recipient, the date of issuance, the reason for payment, and the expiration date. The difference is that this kind of student check pays not only RMB, but also reminds the other party to do something, promises to the other party, etc., and is divided into friendship checks, campus checks, and family checks according to different uses. Wait, the price is also between 0.5 yuan and 5 yuan. A stationery shop on Anhua Road. Several elementary school students came together to buy checkbooks. A third-year girl named Wenwen couldn’t wait to write a check in the shop. The content of her check was to promise a good friend that you should remember to bring comics next week. Let me see the book. Wenwen told reporters that she did this to let her good friends remember this. In addition to her classmates, she would also write her checks to her parents and teachers. A letter of guarantee that the other party promises something. Wenwen cherishly put the check in the middle of the schoolbag and said: “Does the check represent honesty? With it, I can rest assured. Many parents also bring their children to buy student checks. At a stationery shop on Lingling Road, Mr. Zhang bought two checkbooks for his son. This is a new way of communication between father and son. Once, my son suddenly took out a cheque to Mr. Zhang. It said that I promise not to play on the computer from Monday to Friday. Unexpectedly, the child did more consciously than before. After that, Mr. Zhang also wrote a cheque to the child, promising that as long as He can buy him a small gift every month without playing the computer. In Mr. Zhang's view, student checks are good for children to keep their promises. Some elementary school head teachers reported that many students would bring checks to the school. An elementary school in Pudong New District also held a class meeting with student checks as the theme, and asked each child to write down what he said on the check to encourage teachers or classmates. Children speak honesty. Caoyang Elementary School also draws on student checks to create a kind of parent-child bank check to encourage children to keep their promises to their parents and act as a behind-the-scenes guarantor in the name of the bank. The principal of the elementary school believes that children are willing to accept this way to help parents deal with parent-child relationships. During the interview, a little boy told reporters that he had written a check to his father a few days ago, suggesting that my final exam was among the top 3 in the class, and my father would give me 100 yuan. In his opinion, checks must be linked to money, otherwise what is called a check? However, many parents expressed concern about the appearance of student checks. They believe that the era of hanging on the hook for a hundred years is gone forever, and now children have to rely on writing checks to tell the truth. They are suspected of turning honest checks into money. Many education experts suggest that although student cheques can be a means to help children build up a sense of integrity, integrity as a character does not take place overnight. Cultivating children's sense of integrity In addition to the joint efforts of the whole society, the first step is to create a family atmosphere of integrity. Parents must lead by example and set an example for children with good words and deeds, so that children can develop a potential awareness of being honest in the world and helping children to be honest As a habit.
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