Sweater pilling

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

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in the winter, beautiful elegant coats, sweaters, heading for the upper part of the body

but these beautiful clothes are always easy to absorb, and bad cleaning

now teach you the correct maintenance winter coats small common sense

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use razor shave gently comb sweater on the ball ball, a sweater surface is very smooth.

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method 2: < br / >
use sweater trimmer to trim sweater above the ball ball, note must not be used on the human body or inner parts of the face; In order to protect the quality of a material, garment place on the plane, and knit tensile after operation; Such as the strong pressure, will damage the quality of a material, so please don't stress; Please be sure to turn off the switch when removing the blade.

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method 3: < br / >
scotch tape is very common in life, we all had a typo with scotch tape experience, work on the same principle, by the way, here also can use the transparent adhesive, and it is the sort of wide, good initial adhesion. Use adhesive tape to stick to clothing hair bulb, no problem.

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