'Swipe the pen in war, take the road to self-improvement' Hong Zhanhui will open a stationery chain store

by:Yourijiu     2021-09-04
Now, when you see the three words 'Hong Zhanhui' again, it already has a double meaning: the first meaning is Hong Zhanhui's own name, and the second meaning is a stationery brand, 'Zhanhui' Stationery chain stores. MicrosoftInternetExplorer402DocumentNotSpecified7.8 lb Normal0 Now, when you see the three words Hong Zhanhui again, it already has a double meaning: the first meaning is Hong Zhanhui’s own name, and the second meaning is a stationery brand. Hui Stationery Chain Store. Hong Zhanhui, one of the top ten people in China, has graduated. And Hong Zhanhui and Zhanhui have also been registered by him as a brand name for stationery. This year, Hong Zhanhui’s first goal is to open a stationery store first, and then open a chain store when the time is right in the future, so that Hong Zhanhui and Zhanhui stationery will be spread across campuses across the country, and his spirit of self-improvement, honesty and kindness will be promoted. Has been passed down on campus. Hong Zhanhui said: In the current society, no matter how small and weak I am, through hard work and struggle, I will definitely become a strong in the future. The reason why I choose to do business now is because I will be an entrepreneur in the future, which is also my ideal. Being an entrepreneur can not only make yourself a useful person and a rich person, but also provide others with opportunities for employment, living and earning money. Hong Zhanhui even thought about the advertising slogan?? Use Zhanhui's pen to take the path of self-improvement. Hong Zhanhui's second goal is to go to undergraduate studies. At present, this goal has been determined, and he has been admitted to Central South University. The above information was revealed by Hong Zhanhui yesterday afternoon at the Summer Program for the Western Development Student Project 2005 in Henan Province to be aided by college students, and at the symposium on learning Hong Zhanhui to be an excellent college student for self-reliance and self-reliance. Hong Zhanhui, a business-minded man, did not forget to organize his own marketing network even when he held a seminar. At the scene, Hong Zhanhui lost no time in telling his QQ number, blog address and personal website to more than 80 college students present, hoping that they would join his stationery chain store. According to Hong Zhanhui himself, on September 20th, he will exhibit the Hong Zhanhui series of stationery at a stationery exhibition in Shanghai. He also said that with his current ability, there is no way to achieve independent production. He plans to do branding and sales first, and then establish his own production enterprise after he has accumulated a certain amount of accumulation.
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