Taking Care of your Cowboy Hats to Last Long

by:Yourijiu     2020-06-18
After the long process of picking the right cowboy hat for you, what's the next thing to do? Come to think of how long you have searched for it, and now that you've got the suitable hat that looks admirable, of course, you must take care of your hat to make it last and use it for a longer time. Keep your hat upside down on its crown in order to maintain its original form. High temperature can cause your hat's sweat bands thus there's a tendency to shrink its size as well. And as a result getting it bare to high temperature for a long period of time will alter its size and will no longer fit accordingly. To provide a better storage for your cowboy hats, place them in a hat box or on a hat holder to maintain its original shape. Hold your hat properly and handle it with care. Do not grab it by its crown especially if your hands are soiled because they will leave dirt and stains on its material. Instead, hold it through its edge and adjust it back and forth. Once your hat gets damp, you'll find troubles on how to dry it up. There are some materials that can get wet without mess such as straw and wool cowboy hats. It is not advisable to dry them with a close heat source. Better allow them to dry up normally. Those hats that are made up of felt are not intended for rainy seasons and if get soaked just turn over its sweatband outward and place the hat upside down on its crown to let it dry. For rainy seasons you can opt for a wool hat or use a rain cover. To clean your straw cowboy hats, use a clean damp fabric or a hat sponge to wipe out dirt from its surface. Smoothly wipe to the back of the hat in a counterclockwise manner. To dry up the sweatband from sweating and hair styling product residues, turn down the sweatband for some time to allow perspiration and hair oil. This is also to evaporate instead of accumulating within the hat's fabric because it causes foul odor and damages. For felt hats, you can use a particular brush for the brim and crown parts but remember that colors of the brush that you'll use must complement with the color of your cowboy hat. Gently brush your hat in a counterclockwise direction towards the back. You can also make use of a masking tape to put off remaining fluffs. Brushing your hat off on a regular basis will avoid dirt from getting into the felt of the hat. If your hat becomes blemished or too dirty to brush clean, it will require renovation by a professional because some stains are not removable. Knowing all these steps to preserve the quality of your cowboy hat will surely make it last longer. But moreover getting quality cowboy hats is your initial step to acquire a long lasting one. Mike's Custom Hatters in East Texas is one of the best places to get custom cowboy hats. They make use of incomparable conventional styles with their original irons and steaming tools to construct traditional and great cowboy masterworks. Mike's offers handcrafted designs and assures that they have the entire details needed to create your hat for a perfect shape from time after time. They also supply a full line of factory straw hats and all the accessories you need to achieve an ultimate western look! Why not visit http://www.mikescustomhatters.com now to find out more of their offers and get the most high quality cowboy hat. Remember the initial step to acquire a long lasting hat is by means of selecting the best one.
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