Talk about thermal conductive double-sided adhesive using functional diversification

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04
Specializing in the production of thermal conductive double-sided tape, suitable for fixed thermal conductivity silica gel method. Specializing in the production of used in heat sink and chip bonding of double-sided adhesive tape, can be faster to use leds. Thermal conductive double-sided tape to the light emitting diode and aluminum radiator, gently press. Thermal conductivity is more obvious than ordinary heat conduction oil. Thermal double-sided tape can be used to glue the other equipment need to be heat conduction, rather than use screws, it can achieve effective heat dissipation.

  Usually, the bonding of radiators and other heating equipment using very fast. Thermal conductive double-sided tape is placed between the radiator and radiator, then firmly fixed on the radiator, radiator simple and easy to use and benefit to the progress of electric power and production. The cooling effect is more obvious than ordinary thermal stickers, greatly extend the service life of the components, is some need of thermal conductivity of outstanding electronic products the best choice.

  0. 15 - 0. 5 mm heat conduction type membrane/double-sided tape to paste in the paper. Can be made according to customer requirements die slice. Thermal conductive double-sided tape with glass fiber cloth as the backing material, both sides coated with import mixture of thermal conductivity and polymer adhesive, and the blue a silicon mold membrane. It has high performance, thermal insulation, small heat resistance, good adhesion, persistence, strong weatherability, soft, smooth, environmental protection and halogen-free, simple application and so on.

  Many of them are used to joint the radiator, cooling module, central processing unit (CPU) microprocessor, led fluorescent lamp, fill the printed circuit boards, chassis, the open space between the metal parts and this will not only fill the appearance of uneven, and the heat source is derived. Even the enclosed space can also be used, do not need to change any parts, which fully reflects the data of thermal conductivity and convenience of pressure-sensitive adhesive tape adhesive. Double sided tape storage of thermal conductivity at room temperature and 65% relative humidity environment. It can be used within 12 months after the date of production, and can obtain good application performance.

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