Tape factory to share with you the custom lettering tape matters needing attention

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05

custom printing tape considerations, life in India and China use more words tape. Customized printing tape what are the requirements and matters needing attention, and see it together. 1. About the choice of colors: generally suggest the customer do transparent bottom logo printing tape, transparent bottom not only the cost is low, and viscous relative will be a little bit stronger than the bottom of the color, because color bottom need paste, to a certain extent, affected the viscosity. From the cost comparison, transparent and cream-colored bottom at the bottom of the lowest price, and then the white, the other colour such as black, red, blue top price.

2。 About the version: first printing packing tape every tape manufacturers charge print fee, for the first time to make a printing copper plate, a color need a version of the two color you need two version, you received two version fee, it is recommended that you try to choose a color, printing edition fee is small, not only the printing cost is low. 3. About proofing, printing packing tape is not proofing, because production volumes, and in the production of a batch process and time are the same, can only provide electronic files of astronomy confirmed printing contents and colors, as for the quality problem, we can provide other customers custom before packing tape to the customer to confirm. 4. About the minimum order quantity: some friends to worry about the quality problem or demand quantity is not so big, want to make a few volume try, this is no way, because the custom printing packing tape is minimum order quantity, minimum quantity for a semi-finished products, nearly 1000 volumes about 45 mm wide, small batch is customized.  

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