Tape factory to share with you what are the characteristics and USES of the printing tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

  Adhesive tape factory, main production packing tape, customized printing tape, printing tape is also often are used in the daily life, so what are its USES specific, and small make up take a look at, specific USES: used for carton sealing, bonding fixed objects, standby is suitable for families, businesses, factories, express packaging, supermarket supplies sale usually, high value goods packaging.

Printing tape features: super bright, high adhesion, don't change color, don't change, paste the smooth is not easy to drop, special technology, anti-aging, weathering resistance, adhesion is strong. There are good brand publicity effect.

printing tapes are made from special polypropylene film ( BOPP) As the backing material, glue TuBing dilute acid and become, have lit, cream-colored and all kinds of colors ( Red, blue, green, yellow, etc. ) , printed text, pictures, logos, etc.

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