Tape manufacturers to share with you use tape need to pay attention to

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

  Adhesive tape manufacturer is usually produced by using adhesive and plastic, so how many will have glue on the tape or glue additives, and we should pay attention to when using?

Before the sticky, to fully clear the stains on the be adhesive material, dust, oil, water, etc before paste, if not clear, glue stains, dust, oil, moisture, etc of the tape will can't use any more. It can be said that the viscosity of the tape is a one-off, avoid repeated paste, paste, need to rest for a period of time. Tape should avoid direct paste in the human body, concave and convex surface, rough surface, is not good for the body, and the performance of the rough surface cannot make tape to play it.

In the save tape, should avoid direct sunlight and heat sources, in shade, high temperature can make the carrier tape deformation, still can let glue lose activity, influence our use.

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