Tape sticky is the result of interaction of multiple principle

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

Regardless of the substrate is plastic, paper or cloth, tape adhesion all comes from the substrate layer on the surface of the adhesive, the physical properties of the adhesive directly decide the size of the adhesive tape adhesion. Of course, there are many kinds of adhesive tape, roughly divided into pressure sensitive adhesive tape, tape water activation, thermal tape, etc. , one of the most used in our life is pressure sensitive adhesive tape, no special treatment or activation, only a certain amount of pressure can achieve gelling effect. And the pressure sensitive adhesive (on tape Also referred to as the adhesive) That is the focus of our discussion.

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Pressure sensitive adhesive is a kind of highly viscous and have certain elasticity of polymer materials, such as acrylate polymers, rubber, silicone rubber, etc. Tape sticky is a strict physical process, divided into infiltration and adhesion of two steps, the viscoelasticity of polymer. Play an important role here: first of all, have certain liquid viscous adhesive performance, and the surface of the adhesive molecule can is very low, this makes the adhesive can easily infiltrate surfaces, and elastic adhesive molecules in the press can be together when not be pushed aside; Then, the adhesion process is adhesive joint outcome of cohesion and adhesion.

Some adhesive tape, the growth of the adhesion over time will increase, this is because the adhesive need longer time infiltrates surface better, & other; Flow & throughout; Into the holes and grooves. In addition, some people think that tape is a coating glue tape, this is totally wrong, because the glue completely in the form of liquid, so as to achieve excellent invasive, and its cohesion and adhesion, until dry before, and the glue is an irreversible process, once the tear cannot glue; The tape adhesion of the entire cycle, adhesive viscoelastic throughout, is a part of the reversible process.

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