Tape the garland hand account

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

into wreaths hand account tape?

the problem with small make up together and see it ~

usually we buy hand account tape is linear, how to make it round the wreath? The secret is, that's right, the wreath is Mosaic.

the specific steps the

the first step:

on their books with a pencil and compass in hand first draw a circle as the basis of render

step 2:

use scissors to cut do you like the design on the tape, and trim edge

the third step:

will clip good tape pattern along just draw round the edge of the stick.

the fourth step:

with a pattern, and then along the circular edge with

step 5:

paste in turn pattern is gradually formed the wreath

step 6:

in the completion of preliminary ring, then cut some like the pattern according to his be fond of, as the adornment of the wreath

step 7:

after adornment effect will be more wonderful

step 8:

picture, does hand account garlands of super beautiful ~

ok, that is in the hand making wreath detailed steps in the account book. Not learn super simple, the key lies in the need to cut into a small part of the tape, then do collage around the circle, learn the method, whether it's actually spell into a round shape, or triangle, star or heart-shaped can, of course, it is need to spend a little time to actually do ~ be patient oh

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