Tape with what method take out

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05

the first step, prepare a bottle of wind, a piece of paper towel, a cloth dipped with detergent, a bottle of water are placed at the stain need to deal with next to spare. The second step is to pour the wind on the glue stains, stain to cover the entire surface. The third step, back and forth on the harmony makes besmirch wipe with paper towel. Can see the stains rubbed out soon. Fold a paper towel again in clean side of consolidating continue to wipe. If there is a little wind dry finish to besmirch wipe not to drop, can pour some wind up again.

the fourth step, besmirch wipe up, dip in with a detergent stain cloth to wipe back and forth a few times the original site. Because have oil in the wind, besmirch wipe, surface also can't see the other residues, there is wind in the oil residue on the surface, then if no matter, slightly accidentally hit the above, there will be a mess again attached to form a new stain on the surface of the residual oil. So don't forget to use detergent oil removal function to remove it. Fifth, when to use detergent to wipe a few times after clean, spray some water, wipe off the detergent residues. Step 6, check the place of brush, and no stains, if you have missed the place repeat the above steps to get rid of, not just call it a day.

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