Teflon tape basic performance test

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04
Teflon tape basic performance test

1, the checkout room environment

temperature: 23 + 2 ℃ humidity: 5% compared to 65 + R, portable CNC cutting machine. H2, sample sample in a test environment parking time of not less than 24 hours. Every roll out 3 layer should be abandoned, try removed, adhesive surface shall not contact with the fingers or other objects. 3, the thickness of the thickness gauge: percent meter or micrometer gauge ( In accordance with the actual needs) Measurements: the whole roll away after viscose, oriented to thickness gauge in each about equal to the distance measured 3 points above the average. 4 specimens of about 30 cm long, width of interception, place 20 min, again with vernier caliper measurement number, CNC cutting machine, take the arithmetic mean. 5, the length of the whole roll of stripping, glue, oriented placed after 1 h, tape quantity of can, and check the connection number, high temperature teflon cloth. 6, degumming the whole roll of degumming, from head to 3 - per meter 5 seconds speed and see if any glue residue on the back. At the beginning of July and sticky ball: 1/32 - diameter 1 inch stainless steel ball. Specimens: 50 mm * 300 mm steps: roll table on flat glass, adjust the roll table cant 30 degrees, with cotton wool soaked volatile solvent ( Ethyl acetate) Wiping the surface of roll table and roll the ball, then maintain smooth specimens, and then will wipe away the ball with forceps between the roll table to put the ball in the top, then gently press down the ball valve, ball along the inclined surface immediately fell onto the specimen, choose the ball size, and adjust the different ball slide track, record number sticking the ball. 8, 180 ℃ peel strength equipment: tensile machine fixed speed per minute 300 mm sheet steel: 304 or 302 stainless steel size: 120 mm * 400 mm * 2. 35 mm pressure roller: roller 45 mm wide, 83 mm in diameter, weighing in at 2000 + 50 g of metal wheel outside be 6 mm thick rubber, hardness is 80 + / - 5 steps: experimental steel surface in cotton wool of volatile solvent (first Ethyl acetate) Wiping clean, place 5 min, make its surface is completely dry, and then open glue specimens interception ( 25 mm wide, 250 mm) Three slices, each joint steel slice of central place, gently again to 2000 g of pressure roller steel sheet specimens at press time, back and forth on the rate of 300 mm/min, ( Shall not have bubbles) After rolling out steel specimens with stretch film or the fold at 180 degrees among clips in another clip, when tensile machine start record ( On the outside out under 15% and 85%) Specimens, take on the memory value of three arithmetic mean, the other side of the test can be teflon tape stick to 0. 02 - 0. 03 mmopp or polyester film and operation. Note: the adhesive force on the back, with adhesive tape on the adhesive Yu Gangban first, for the above steps again. 9, a viscous fluid equipment: CN - 4851 pressure sensitive adhesive tape viscosity meter. Sheet steel: 302 or 304 stainless steel size: 25 mm * ( 25毫米+ 45毫米) Pressure roller: same as above steps: first use absorbent cotton of wiping clean acetic acid leaching experiment board and loading board. Will be parallel to the board of the longitudinal test chip paste in central test board and loading board. With pressure roller to a 300 mm/min speed three times back and forth on the test plate rolling. Specimens after paste on the board, should be placed under the test conditions for 20 min, and then the test plate fixed in the vertical test rack, gently with the pin link loading plate and weight 1 kg. Record test starting time, until specimens from steel sheet, measuring time, three times the average, depending on the different tape to choose test temperature is 23 + 2 ℃, 40 + 2 ℃.

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