Terminate the tape test methods

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

lithium batteries end tape using PP as base material, the substrate coated with special lithium battery electrolyte resistant rubber cement, specially used in lithium ion batteries, termination and other parts of the insulation protection and fixed.

product name: end tape

product type: lithium electrode ear specially for

sex: insulation, resistance to chemical solvent, resistance to electrolyte, high adhesion and break, no incomplete glue.

should use: widely lithium ion battery pole ears bandaged,

lithium batteries end tape with polypropylene film dielectric materials ( Polypropylene Film PP Film) As the base material, on the basis of this special acrylic glue coated with lithium battery electrolyte resistance, specifically for lithium ion batteries end fixed and other parts of the insulation, is suitable for cylindrical, square, etc. Various kinds of lithium ion batteries of ear protection and insulation fixed

acid and alkali resistance, high viscosity, high temperature resistance. 135 ℃ high temperature resistance. Tape the electrolyte resistance, high tensile strength, good viscosity, adhesive tape uncovered the silent, leaving no residue. The lithium battery in the process of used for lithium battery production batteries strapping and other parts of the insulation protection and fixed, excellent electrical performance.

use way: to maintain the battery the excellent performance of this product apply in special battery manufacturing process, to protect and maintain the performance of the battery. Viscosity and solvent resistance stability, improve the work efficiency, in a variety of color difference in the easy Lot and product

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