Termination of tape ( Termination Tape)

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-04

end tape ( Termination  Tape) Refers to the lithium battery production process used in electrode coiling and sheet protection and core winding end of pressure sensitive adhesive tape. They not only have the general performance pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, also in the base material selection, adhesion and chemical character, etc have special requirements, is a special kind of pressure-sensitive adhesive products. As digital products, the rapid development of electric cars and electric bikes, lithium battery get surge in demand, thus applied to the termination of the lithium battery industry adhesive tape there is a huge market demand. So far, the market consumption of termination of the adhesive tape no accurate statistics reported that if a 2 & have spent 000  mAh  3. 7 0 v lithium battery consumption. 002  M2 termination of adhesive tape, can infer the 2015 national dosage of lithium-ion battery industry will reach 5. 4×106, m2。


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