Test method for water absorption of polyethylene adhesive tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-07-30

This test is suitable for the determination of water absorption performance of polyethylene adhesive tape.

B.2 Equipment The equipment required for this test shall meet the following requirements:

1) Analytical balance, accurate to 0.1mg;

2) Oven, room temperature~200℃;

3) Constant temperature water bath; room temperature~100℃, temperature control accuracy ±2℃;

4) Dryer: Use anhydrous calcium chloride or silica gel as desiccant.

B.3 Preparation of test pieces

1) The two pieces of polyethylene adhesive tape are glued and pressed flat, and then cut into a test piece of 50mm×50mm. The thickness of the test piece is the thickness of the two layers of adhesive tape.

2) The surface of the sample should be clean, flat, smooth, free of bubbles and cracks.

3) At least 3 samples per group.

B.4 Test procedure

1) Dry the test piece in an oven at 50℃±2℃ or in a dryer at room temperature for 24h for pretreatment;

2) Weigh the pre-processed sample mass m1, accurate to 0.1mg;

3) Immerse the test piece vertically in distilled water at 25℃±2℃. There should be no air bubbles on the surface of the test piece, and the test pieces should not touch each other or between the test piece and the container wall;

4) Take out the test piece after soaking for 24h, absorb the moisture on the surface of the test piece with filter paper, and immediately weigh the mass of the test piece m2, accurate to 0.1mg;

5) Place the weighed test piece in an oven at 50℃±2℃ or a room temperature dryer for 24h drying, and then take out the weighed dried mass m3, accurate to 0.1mg.

B.5 Test results

1) The mass increase rate of the specimen after immersion Wpc1 is calculated according to the formula: Wpc1(%)u003d[(m2-m1)/m1]×100(B5-1)

2) The mass loss rate S of the soluble matter of the specimen after immersion in water is calculated according to the formula B5-2: S(%)u003d[(m1-m3)/m1]×100(B5-2)

3) The water absorption rate Wpc of the test piece is calculated according to the formula B5-3: Wpc(%)u003dWpc1+S(B5-3)

4) The test result is expressed as the arithmetic mean of the calculation results of each group of test pieces, and the value is rounded to 2 significant figures.

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