The advantages and disadvantages of thermal conductive adhesive tape

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05
Thermal conductive double-sided adhesive also known as thermal conductive adhesive tape, composed of acrylic polymers with silicone adhesive compound; Usually applied to power is not high between the heat source and small radiator, used to fix the LED heat sink, etc. Shortcoming is:

1. Low thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity in general;

2。 Bonding fixed objects cannot be overweight;

3。 Once more than, tape thickness and unable to reach effective heat transfer between heat sink.

4。 Once a use, not easy to remove, the risk of damage to the chip and the surrounding components, not easy to remove completely.


1. At the same time with heat conduction performance and adhesive performance;

2。 Has a good gap filling performance;

3。 Look like double-sided adhesive, easy to operate.

4。 Commonly used in some febrile smaller electronic components and the chip surface.

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