The advantages of polyethylene tape in anti-corrosion layer

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03


a, excellent anticorrosion sex:

1, the base material of polyethylene and polyethylene tape adhesive butyl rubber has excellent water resistance and oxidation resistance.

2, polyethylene tape and primers combination use of the steel surface after enough stick relay and sealing, can effectively prevent water intrusion and microorganisms.

3, polyethylene tape has good extensibility. In a wide temperature range can maintain its extensibility and flexibility.

4, polyethylene tape has enough strength, able to withstand the mechanical operation and buried after the stress of the soil resistance.

5, polyethylene tape coating has good cathodic disbonding resistance.

6, polyethylene adhesive with high insulation.

2, construction convenience:

1, descaling grade is low, operation standard to st3, often using manual steel brush cleaning routine application.

2, construction environment, polyethylene tape can't construction in rainy day, and other weather conditions, appropriate construction.

3, simple process, polyethylene tape of the construction period is short.

three, low comprehensive cost:

polyethylene tape, when the winding construction, its thickness and width on uniform and accurate, and can avoid waste materials; Construction is convenient, can save labor cost, therefore, greatly reduce the cost.

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