The advantages of solventless epoxy coal tar coating

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03

1。 Solventless epoxy coal tar coating does not contain volatile solvent, solid content is close to 100%, the coating is close-grained, pinhole, effectively prevent the occurrence of electrochemical corrosion, the best quality.


2。 Solventless epoxy coal tar coating containing lamellar structure of mica powder and glass flake, increased the insulation coating, lamellar structure packing can hinder the corrosive medium straight through, increased the penetration of corrosive medium, equivalent to increase the coating thickness, extend the life of the anticorrosive coating.


3。 Solventless epoxy coal tar coating can be a thick coating, reduce the coating times, improve work efficiency, shortening the time limit for a project, save work time saving money.


4。 Solventless epoxy coal tar coating without solvent volatilization when using, conform to the requirements of the environmental protection, safety, ensure the construction safety, reduce environmental pollution, improve the construction environment.


all in all, solvent-free epoxy coal tar coating economic cheap, efficient, longevity, province work materials, energy conservation and environmental protection.

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