The amount of polyethylene tape how to calculate

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03
Polyethylene tape coating construction main process ( As shown in the standard) : the appropriate construction environment, the steel pipe surface pretreatment, primer, adhesive tape, quality inspection, anticorrosive pipe trench backfill. Look at the dosage calculation below. < br />
overlapped with to go around: level, strengthen usually 50 - when winding 55% of the width of the lap, to achieve double tape thickness, thickness of total thickness meet the prescribed standards. < br />
primer coating rate: primer can be coated 8 - per kilogram 12 square meters. < br />
anticorrosive tape density: different manufacturer density is slightly different, generally can press 1. 2 calculation. Unit price, manufacturers provide density or use square meters kg unit price calculation. < br />
repairing with dosage estimation: according to the calculation of 10 - 16% estimate. Mouth bring only within the specifications and with different, but material and price and with the same, so the cost calculation according to the calculation, the manufacturer will according to the distribution channel flow calculation. < br />
1, calculate the different specification pipe surface area of the net amount of combined. < br />
2 * 1, net amount combined. 7, for anticorrosion adhesive tape (namely (in) (dosage, safety belt To go) The same as with dosage. < br />
coefficient of 1. 7 ( 1. 1 * 1. 55 = 1. 705). , it is calculated at 10% margin, 55% overlap. < br />
consult professional engineers, due to the need of winding construction drawing, coefficient of 1. Coefficient of 7 is relatively reasonable, but not more than 2. 0. < br />
3, repairing dosage has included the dosage, no longer is calculated. < br />
4, primer usage: by suppliers supporting supplies, such as adhesive tape price is included, do not need to calculate. If need to calculate, according to the spreading rate reduced. < br />
only after good dosage of polyethylene tape construction calculation, behind the us at the time of use, also can rest assured, you can arrange for inventory storage, such use, can also avoid the waste and extravagance.
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