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by:Yourijiu     2020-06-11
First and foremost before choosing a dog collar you must know what kind of neckline you need. It ranges from 100% leather to PVC leather, to pure nylon fabrics. Each of these products can do the job but each may look very different and feel different. So make that choice first. One thing that could influence the type of neckline you buy is the budget you have set aside. Pure leather made necklines are normally very expensive but in some cases it last longer than the standard one. But hey, even the basic one can do the job. It's your personal preference that matters at the end of the day. Secondly get a measuring tape to measure the neck size of your pet. Once you have this match the neck size to the size dimensions we have listed with each of our product description. Style, look and feel - I am sure most of us know about color combinations but to be safe, make sure before you get one, test out the color you want by holding a similar color against your dog's fur and see how it matches. Color combinations on your pet are no different to color combinations on anything else. So don't rush it, take your time and get the right collar. Collar Thickness - some things people easily miss is the thickness of the neckline you purchase. We highly recommend you take this into account. A big sized pet with a large neck needs a big thick neckline as it just looks right and probably safer and for a really small pup a thinner one would do fine. We hope you have enjoyed this article. We strive to ensure we can serve you best at Cool Dogs, so feel free to respond with any queries you may have about this article. We are here to help.
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