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by:Yourijiu     2020-07-07
First identity the type of pet dress you wish to purchase. Is it a rain sweater, a wool coat, a light cotton coat or something just warm and basic. Once you have determined this, check what's available in what you need. Very often dog coats vary for big and small dogs. Small coats are normally more fashionable but obviously this trend is changing over time. Second, take your measure tape and measure your dog's body length from the neck along its back all the way to where its tail starts or hips begin. This will ensure the coat covers the full body length of your pet. Thirdly, measure your dog's chest, this is like measuring our waist line. If this is measured incorrect the coat will not fit well. What is worse than your pet feeling tight in a piece of cloth. Comfort is key, so make sure you get this right. Always keep 2 centimeters as spare. Lastly, measure your dog's neck size. This will ensure the sweater will slip nicely over your pet's head without any discomfort. Last but not least, not all dogs feel comfortable wearing a pet coat. We therefore recommend only getting a puppy coat if your puppy feels really cold or you take him or her out for walks in the cold or if you feel your dog is comfortable in the pooch sweater. Your dog's comfort should be important to you. In summary, choosing a coat is not difficult but make sure you chose the right one is important. Not every coat is suitable for every dog and not every dog will like a sweater. Do remember if you do take your pooch out for walks on cold mornings or if your dog feels cold in the house - get your pooch a coat. Puppies can very easily feel cold, so look after their needs just like a baby. So make sure know what kind of dog sweater you need depending on how big your puppy is. Once you have this, fix your budget and then measure your dog's body length, neck size and waist size.
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