The best way to customize your boat or yacht is

by:Yourijiu     2020-07-04
Where on one hand designing is simple, on the other hand care has to be taken while installing the boat decals. Here are few instructions to be followed to get the graphics safely on your boat without spoiling the surface. What You Need the materials include plastic squeegee and application fluid which are normally provided along with the ordered sticker, a measuring tape, masking tape and a dry cloth. The boat graphic decal will consist of three layers top layer of application tape, middle layer of the graphic itself and the bottom layer of backing paper. Remove the Boat Graphic and lay it flat on any hard surface with the application tape facing upwards. Hold the sticker tight so that spreading of plastic squeegee across the top of the graphic can be done evenly. This is done to ensure the graphic is stuck on the application tape. Leave the Boat Graphics lying flat for 24 hours to help them flatten out before application. Methods of Installation there are two methods of installation being the Wet Method and the Dry Method. The former method is used for shiny surface like fiber glass and boats with chines, whereas the latter method is used for unpainted aluminum or surface which is likely to trap fine layer of water. Installation Clean the surface you want to place the Boat Graphics, thoroughly. Place a piece of masking tape on one of the top corners of your Boat Graphic and without removing the backing paper, stick the sticker on your vessels in the position you want. Slowly peel the backing away from the graphic not allowing the exposed adhesives to get in contact with anything until the Application Fluid is applied. Now spray the sticky side of the graphic with the fluid to make the positioning of the graphic easy and also avoids it to stick to anything which touches it immediately. Then use firm strokes with plastic squeegee to force the application fluid out from beneath the individual letters. Continue for around 20-30 seconds, ensuring you cover the entire area. Now leave the Graphic to dry for at least 20 minutes before progressing to the final step. The final step is of removing of application tape for which you might require to spray application fluid to make it process smooth. Wait for sometime n then pull the Graphic carefully without the transfer tape or else you will have to wait longer for the graphic to dry. Congratulations! You have now successfully installed your shiny new Boat Graphic.
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