The Car Spray Painting requires a great deal of

by:Yourijiu     2020-06-23
Here are some steps which you can use it to the Car Spray Painting. 1. Always mask off that part of the car which you are going to paint. If you divide the whole car into different kinds of sections then painting each part would start to become very easy in nature. Bring a painters paper and apply to all those parts of the car at which you are not currently working. You also would need a masking tape that can help you in securing the papers in one place. 2. After the first step, the next step comes. In the next step you have to prime the car's surface. For doing this job you can use the Polyester primer. Take a paintbrush and apply the Primer on the surface of the car. There should be at least three to four thin layers of the primer. This eventually will lead towards the thick layer and it will hide cover the overall surface of the car body. 3. You will also have to do a spray of the lacquer paint on the primer. Now when you have done the 3rd step, all you have to do is to let the primer to get dry. You have to wait almost one night to let the primer to get completely dry. 4. Now you also have to sand the primer. You can use 220-grit sand paper for this purpose. 5. Now use sandpaper which is 400-grit/dry sandpaper. 6. In this step you have to apply the coat of the color to the car. This would be the final coating. Always make sure that you build up the coat of paint in three different thin layers. Also wait about 2 hours during the each new coating or the paint. This will give you the perfect finish.
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