The cause of high temperature tape wear and mold

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05
High temperature adhesive tape in the process of operating is a kind of special adhesive tape, when making use of widely used in high temperature environment, in the process of use, hard to avoid can store because of wrong may be other reasons, led to high temperature tape wear. The emergence of the wear and tear, will surely in serious shorten the using life of the tape, affect the normal operation.

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let me say the cause of the high temperature tape wear

1. Oxygen

high tempreature adhesive tape to a combustible items, but the vacuum environment, the vast majority of combustible items, will form the oxidation reaction, so oxygen can form high temperature tape aging, causing wear and tear.

2。 Metal corrosion

metal corrosion, is refers to the metal material damage by the role of the surrounding media. If used in metal environment and high temperature tape, copper and rust both material, will be more simple form corrosion of high temperature tape, cause tape wear phenomenon.

3。 Ultraviolet radiation may sunlight

uv maybe sunshine lead to wear and tear, high temperature tape first is closely related with the working environment. Blunt adhesive tape, for example, it indoors and outdoors, wear degree must also can appear different, this is first because outdoor environment will accelerate the aging of the high temperature tape.

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