The characteristics of high temperature adhesive tape and application scope

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-05
Characteristics and application scope of high temperature tape characteristics:

smooth surface, high temperature tape with good viscous resistance, resistance to chemical corrosion and high temperature resistance and good insulation performance, widely used in packaging, thermoplastic, composite, sealing a thermal, electrical and electronic industries, all need to stick a thermal resistant to corrosion can be paste in areas such as the insulation, and has repeatedly paste function. After fabric reinforced teflon tape more with the characteristics of high strength, can be applied to the drum of sizing machine, thermoplastic stripping etc, can be repeated use, easy to replace. Can be directly in all kinds of rules and large flat surface ( Such as drum) The operation is simple. From four fluorine coating material professional equipment, a special process, and must carry the spray to professional factory processing etc.

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used in packing food, dairy products, medicine, heat sealing area

plastic film heat seal using

packing used in dyeing and resin finishing of pure pressure roller surface

for packaging binding, laminating roller coating machine

used for coating on the surface of feed hopper, guide rail of the friction surface

used in coating inviscid and part of the need to keep smooth

as insulation gasket and insulation insulation coating and other

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