The characteristics of lithium battery termination tape and its domestic market prospects

by:Yourijiu     2021-08-07
The characteristics of lithium battery termination tape and its domestic market prospects. Lithium batteries have a certain degree of swelling during the charging and discharging process, which will cause the cycle performance and safety performance of the battery to be affected to a certain extent, especially in the high capacity of cylindrical lithium batteries. Lithium battery termination tape can prevent the positive electrode sheet and the negative electrode sheet from breaking, extend the service life of the positive electrode sheet and the negative electrode sheet, and terminate the tape to improve the sealing performance of the electrode package in the battery. This article will introduce the characteristics of lithium battery termination tape and its domestic market prospects.

The characteristics of the lithium battery termination tape

The lithium battery termination tape is made of polypropylene insulating material as the base material and coated on this basis Acrylic glue for lithium battery electrolyte with thickness of 0.016mm, 0.020mm, 0.03mm, 0.035mm, 0.04mm, 0.05mm, it is specially used for the insulation and protection of lithium ion batteries and other parts. Lithium battery termination tape is used for the termination and insulation fixation of the tab position and winding position of cylindrical and square, small and medium-sized lithium electronic batteries and large-scale power lithium electronic battery cells, which play a role of termination and anti-puncture. Comply with ROHS, pass ICP iron copper nickel zinc and other heavy metal detection. No silicon, no halogen.

Lithium battery termination tape is coated with a domestic technology-leading automatic high-precision coating machine in one step, and then is manufactured by constant tension automatic control high-speed slitting and rewinding processing; The entire manufacturing process is completed in a 10,000-level purification workshop, with high-precision production equipment, product stability and consistent excellence. The product has a unique glue formula and production process, and has the characteristics of suitable adhesion, conformability and no glue residue after peeling.

Domestic market prospects for lithium battery termination tapes

Lithium battery termination tapes have been dependent on imports for many years, mainly from Sigang and Nitto , 3M, TESA and other companies, domestic tape manufacturers through continuous efforts, after recent years of development, the technical quality level of domestic lithium battery tape has been greatly improved. At present, the quality of our domestic lithium battery tape is basically the same as that of imported products. It can completely replace imported products and meet the various needs of lithium battery manufacturers, and the price is only half of imported products. However, many lithium battery manufacturers have not been able to learn more about the lithium battery termination tape and protective film because of their habits or lack of professional talents and testing equipment in tape. This has caused many companies to use expensive ones instead of 'risking' to change the brand of tape, thus wasting a lot of money.

From the perspective of the tape industry, as the domestic economy grows stronger, competition can promote the , High-energy consumption, low-efficiency enterprises are eliminated, lithium batteries terminate tape wholesalers, increase the scale and strength of tape production, and improve the overall technical level of domestic tape manufacturers.

Advantages of domestic lithium battery termination tape

For the healthy development of the lithium battery industry, domestic tape companies have prepared a variety of high-quality and low-cost products for everyone The lithium battery termination tape and high temperature tape, the product meets the use environment of lithium batteries, is acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, high-temperature and electrolyte-resistant, and meets ROHS standards. The product can completely replace other foreign products. They specialize in medium and high-grade tapes used in the soft pack and power battery industries, and have the following advantages: 1. The tape has low impurity content;

2. The high temperature shrinkage rate of the tape is small;

3. The tape has a strong high temperature resistance;

4. Manufacture and supply of thin tape varieties.

According to the industry development report, various technical indicators have been formulated, revised and improved under strong competition, and a communication platform between various companies in the industry has been established. Domestic lithium batteries have terminated the tape Only by actively serving various enterprises can we win more advantages under strong competition, and we must also learn to strive for the country’s various preferential policies for industry development, and keep in line with national policies to ensure the stable and healthy development of enterprises.

With the rapid and stable development of my country’s economy, lithium batteries have stopped tape manufacturers. In the next 5 to 10 years, my country’s adhesive consumption will continue to grow at a rate of 8% to 10%. Lithium batteries The termination of the tape factory shows a prosperous development prospect.

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