The characteristics of natural polyethylene tape preservatives

by:Yourijiu     2021-02-03

includes the classification of natural preservatives and antioxidants, more mature natural polyethylene tape preservatives and natural antioxidants in the theory, in the overall level, cellular level and molecular level of different level research, such as antibacterial, antioxidant mechanism, extraction and separation of effective components of new technology and equipment, the research method of the distribution of natural preservatives and antioxidants, and is regarded as the concept of natural objects are described, the study of natural objects derivatives has carried on the induction, is given in annex GB 2760 - at the same time 2007 allows for the use of preservatives and antioxidants in health standards, the use of commonly used polyethylene tape preservatives and antioxidants, the determination methods of existing literature on a list of natural preservatives and antioxidants can develop, these can be used for the researchers in existing preservatives and antioxidants and the development of new products as a reference. The appendix lists the domestic usual preservatives and antioxidants and use of health standard, commonly used analysis and measurement method of preservatives and antioxidants and other can develop a list of natural preservatives and antioxidants.

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